The main purpose of the SEO Report Card is to create an analysis of key SEO metrics and a summary of a prospect's SEO best practices. We've given you two ways to use this tool: ad-hoc reports or embedded reports.

Running Ad-Hoc Reports

You can run an SEO Report Card at any time by visiting the Reports Central area of the platform.

You give us your prospective client's URL, the main keyword you'd like us to track, and their competitors' URLs; we do the rest!

Embedding the SEO Report Card

The SEO Report Card also works great as a lead-generation tool on your website. You can easily embed the SEO Report Card on your site by filling out a short form and adding two small snippets of code.

Customize your SEO Report Card by editing the title, subtitle, submission message, layout, and frame size. Whenever you make a change to these options, you'll need to get a new embed code.

Once you've customized your form, you'll just need to tell us where you're going to be hosting your new embedded SEO Report Card.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: This is the page on your website that will host the SEO Report Card. It's crucial that this URL is separate from the URL you entered on for the form setup page in the previous step. If you ever decide to move the SEO Report Card to a different page/URL, you'll need to get a new embed code.

The final step to embedding the SEO Report Card is to customize the email your prospects will receive once they've filled out the form.

Now, you just need to add the embed code to the appropriate page on your site and you're ready to start generating new leads with the SEO Report Card!


  1. Why isn't my embedded SEO Report Card isn't showing up? This is the number one question we receive about the SEO Report Card. Nine times out of ten the issue is that the embed code has been added to the wrong page on your site; double check that you've added the embed code to the correct output page. Try removing the embed code from your site entirely and re-completing the setup process. If this doesn't resolve your issue, then don't hesitate to shoot us a chat message. We'll help you troubleshoot further. 
  2. Does the embedded SEO Report Card collect email addresses? If so, where are these stored? Absolutely! If a prospect fills out the embedded SEO Report Card on your site, you'll be notified via email and the report will be visible to you in the Reports Central area of the platform along with contact information for your new lead.
  3. Will the report show my agency's information or UpCity's information (e.g. logo & name)? That's up to you! You have the ability to fully whitelabel any sales tool in the platform.
  4. Is there any way to configure the SEO Report card to sign new users up for my agency's newsletter email list? Can it add new leads directly to my CRM? What about integration with Zapier? Unfortunately, the SEO Report Card does not currently integrate with any other services. We're considering adding more integrations in the future though, so stay tuned!
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