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Supercharge Your UpCity Leads with Zapier
Supercharge Your UpCity Leads with Zapier

Expand the capabilities of our SEO Report Card lead generation tool with Zapier!

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Since we launched our SEO Report Card, we've captured over 100,000 leads. Needless to say, our embeddable SEO Report Card is a handy lead-generation tool that helps you drive more SEO-focused sales leads from your site. Here at UpCity, we understand that every team has a different sales process, so we've partnered with Zapier, so now all of that useful lead information provided by the embeddable SEO Report Card is at your fingertips. Create a Zap to send new leads into Salesforce. Create a Zap that posts a message to a particular Slack channel when a new lead comes in. Subscribe new leads directly to your Mailchimp lists. The possibilities are endless!

4 Simple Steps to an Improved Sales Process

Integrating the platform with your favorite third-party services has never been easier. We've kept ease of use in mind to make the configuration process as simple as possible:

  1. Navigate to Sales Tool > Lead Gen Tools > Zapier Integrations.

  2. Choose a Zap template and click "Use this Zap"

  3. Follow the Zapier set up process to configure your Zap

  4. Turn your Zap on

In four simple steps, you can kickstart your productivity and start using your sales leads more effectively. Our team has put together a collection of our favorite Zaps, complete with pre-formatted defaults, so you can spend less time configuring settings and more time closing deals. For those that enjoy tinkering with settings and customizing their process, Zapier allows you to connect your leads in an almost infinite number of ways, so login to Zapier and get started!

It should be noted that Zapier integration is exclusive to Pro Plus and enterprise users.

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