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Product Update: Making Social Media Management a Breeze
Product Update: Making Social Media Management a Breeze
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Though the UpCity platform is focused on a comprehensive, streamlined solution to managing SEO campaigns, our software provides a variety of other tools as well. Our social media management tool, for example, offers an effective way to compose and schedule posts, find great content to share, and determine the posting schedule that will give your posts the highest level of engagement. It's no surprise that agencies across the country have utilized our tool to supercharge all aspects of their clients' campaigns. Our latest product update adds even more great functionality to our social media management tool.

For social media marketing agencies, sending posts to clients for approval can be difficult and time-consuming. That's why we've revamped our Drafts section with new features that make showing posts to clients, getting their approval, and scheduling those posts as simple as possible!

Previously our Drafts section was a place to store in progress posts, but once they were ready for publication, you needed to schedule each one individually. Now, we've added increased sorting functionality to allow you to easily see the drafted posts for each social network, a new ability to select posts and send them to their respective queues, and an option to export the drafts to CSV.

If you've given your clients access to the platform as campaign users, they can simply navigate to the Drafts section, select the posts they approve, and click Send to Queue to instantly add them to the queue. The posts will then be sent out based on the schedule that you set for each social network.

If your clients don't have access to the platform, you can use our Export to CSV option to get a nicely organized CSV file that you can then email to your client. Once the posts are approved, you can follow the same selection and Send to Queue process described above to instantly schedule them.

With this new update, the social media approval process will no longer be a pain point for your agency! To learn more about how to use these features, don't miss our Help Center article on how to best use the Drafts section.

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