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Best Practices for Review Management
Best Practices for Review Management
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Customer reviews are a crucial part of winning business, establishing your online presence and managing your agency’s reputation. They also have a large impact on your UpCity rating and profile performance. We’ve put together a resource package to help you acquire, manage and leverage client reviews. 

Campaign Templates

The UpCity platform features a simple, one-step process for requesting client reviews. If you’d rather reach out to clients personally we have some tools that can help.

Social Outreach

If you’ve leveraged social media as a way to connect with customers in the past, it’s likely that many of them are following your business. Cast a wide net for new client reviews using these social templates.

Managing and Responding to Reviews

By taking advantage of UpCity’s response functionality, clients and SMBs alike will recognize that you are interested in and receptive of the feedback that is being shared.

  • You don’t have to reply to every review. Seeing similar responses to each review gives the impression that the response is not genuine and the feedback is not actually being understood.

  • Whenever you respond, make it a point to thank the reviewer for their time. Showing appreciation to clients regardless of the rating they gave shows courtesy.

  • Always respond to unfavorable reviews. This gives you the chance to tell your side of the story and the opportunity to offer amends for any trouble with the customer.

  • Consider picking up the phone to speak with an upset customer before responding publicly to their review.

  • Don’t discount the reviewer’s negative experience, even if you don’t agree. Businesses that own up and apologize for bad reviews will always appear more trustworthy and respectable. 

  • Determine whether or not you should offer the customer compensation for their subpar experience. It’s not good for businesses or customers to set a precedent that negative comments will be rewarded, but in some cases it shows accountability that will assure new customers of your business’ integrity.

  • If a resolution is reached privately, you have the right let readers know that the complaint was handled offline. 

Browse More Tactics and Strategies

UpCity’s blog is home to a lot of original and guest content that shares tips on generating and monitoring reviews. Read through these articles to learn more.

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