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To help you spread the word about being an UpCity Certified Partner, our team has created a set of promotional badges for you to use in any way you see fit. These badges are customizable in three different color styles and can be placed anywhere you can embed HTML. The most common places our partners place them is in their website footer, on their homepage, on their contact page, or on their services pages.

To obtain your badge(s), you'll need to visit the Badging Center. 

Note: If you have multiple locations, you will first need to select which one you would like to use from the Select a Profile to Badge dropdown.

1. Select the badge type from the options provided and choose a color style (full-color, dark, or light).

2. Once you’ve made your selection, you can modify the service type using the Service to Display on Badge dropdown. 

Note: The service categories displayed are based on the lists on which you appear and the badge type you’ve selected (e.g. our National Excellence badge can only be linked to a National Excellence list).

3. Finally, choose where you’d like your new badge to link. You may choose from the list page, a special Partner Spotlight list page, your profile, or your profile’s review section.

4. To embed your newly customized badge, simply click Copy Embed Code and place it on your site. 

Tip: If you're grabbing multiple badges, be sure to refresh the page in-between each one to ensure you get the right embed code.

Why Should You Badge Up?

You might be wondering why you'd want to display one of your badges on your site (or "badge up" as we say here at UpCity). Adding one of our badges to your site shows visitors that you're a qualified and respected company. Further, it gives prospective clients peace of mind, allowing them to click through and read reviews directly on your profile. Lastly, featuring an UpCity badge on your website is one of five ways to help your UpCity Engagement score.

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