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What is the Top Local Agency (TLA) Marketplace?
What is the Top Local Agency (TLA) Marketplace?
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In the digital marketing industry, it can be difficult to identify agencies and service providers that provide high quality work at a fair price. At UpCity, we’ve worked hard to build a methodology and criteria for our Top Local Agency platform to give business owners the tools and intelligence to research great providers in their local area, and to make it easy for those business owners to procure the services they need quickly.

The UpCity Top Local Agency marketplace is a free resource for both agencies looking to boost visibility, and business owners looking for high-quality digital marketing services. 

For agencies looking to further boost their list placement and generate more qualified leads, UpCity offers a certification program to verify your agency’s listing and information, which affords you preferred placement on our TLA lists, and a robust sales tools package to generate and cultivate high-quality leads.

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