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How do I use the Top Local Agency (TLA) Marketplace?
How do I use the Top Local Agency (TLA) Marketplace?
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Step 1: Find the Right List

Begin your search by visiting our main lists page and selecting the city and specialty of your choice. At the moment, we offer lists for over 75 different cities, almost 10 different specialties like SEO, PPC, & web design, and even national lists as well!

Step 2: Find the Right Agency

Once you've found the list you're looking for, feel free to scroll through our listed agencies to find one that suits your liking. Our UpCity Certified Agency Partners will show up towards the top. These are agencies that we work with and trust to provide great service, so you can feel comfortable working with them.

Step 3: Reach Out!

Found an agency that you think would be a perfect fit for your project? Click the Request Info button and fill out the form to send your contact information directly to the agency. They'll get your message immediately and reach out to you as soon as they can.

Is using the Top Local Agency (TLA) Marketplace really so simple?

Absolutely! In just three simple steps, we can help you find the perfect agency for your business.

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