Using the Drafts Section

This article will help you understand how to save a post as draft and add your drafts to the queue.

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Saving a Draft

If you've started to work on a post but you'd like to come back to it later, you can simply click the floppy disk icon in the top right of the compose menu to save the post as a draft.

Your post will then be saved in the Drafts section for future access.

In the Drafts section, your posts will be displayed with the chosen social networks displayed via an icon on the left hand side.

If you'd like to sort your drafts by social network, you can use the sorting options in the top right.

Sending Drafts to the Queue

To send a previously saved draft to the queue, you must first select the post. Selected posts will appear highlighted. 

Once your desired posts are selected, click the Q icon to send the selected drafts to their respective queues.

Exporting Drafts to CSV

One of the main uses for drafts is to store posts that are waiting to be approved. If your client does not have access to the platform, you may need to send them via email to get approval. Luckily, you can easily export all drafts to a CSV file.

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