You've added a campaign to the platform. You've completed the Initial Setup. You've chosen some keywords and connected your social profiles. You've even configured the branding of the platform so that each and every report is consistent with your company's brand, is sent from a whitelabeled email address, and leads back to the platform, which you've given a custom domain.

Before you hop into the Manage Team settings and start inviting your team members and even your own clients into the platform, you'll want to install an SSL certificate for your custom domain. If you don't install this certificate, you'll likely see an error pop up when you visit the platform from most modern web browsers like Google Chrome.

How To Install An SSL Certificate On Your Custom Domain?

So, how do you install an SSL certificate on your custom domain? You simply email with the signed certificate and your private key. It's really that easy. Our team will handle the rest.

How To Generate a Signed Certificate and Private Key?

How do you generate the signed certificate and private key? Unfortunately, that is a bit more difficult. Depending on your hosting provider, the method of generating the signed certificate and private key may differ. If you're unsure, it never hurts to email for additional help.

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