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This article will walk you through completing the initial setup for a new campaign.

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We’ve worked hard to make the platform as simple and intuitive as possible. When you first sign up, we'll ask you to answer a few short questions so that we can get to know each other a bit better. We’ll use the information you provide us to measure the strength of your current web presence and create a personalized set of tasks to help you optimize your online marketing efforts one step at a time.

This article will walk you through completing the setup for a new campaign. To see an example of what a completed setup looks like, see the screenshot at the bottom of the article. 

Remember: typically, each site you would like to track using the platform requires its own campaign. That being said, you could also use campaigns to track multiple business locations, even if they all have the same primary web address. For instructions on how to add a new campaign, click here.

What is your site's primary web address?

Make sure there are no typos! Your answer to this question will determine the site that we’ll monitor and help you optimize. 

What is the official name of your site or business?

Let us know how you brand your business to customers. It’s always best to stay consistent with your name, address, and phone number (NAP) so we’ll use this name whenever possible.

What country does your site primarily reach or target?

Defining your target audience is one of the most important parts of creating an online marketing strategy. Knowing what country you target will help us start to pinpoint your audience.

What is the type of your site?

Every site is different. We need to know how you use your site so we can identify the what your top priority tasks should be.

What is your site’s industry or specialty?

There are plenty of industry-specific local directories and other online marketing outlets that you can leverage. We’ll help suggest some of our favorites based on your industry.

Is your site locally focused?

Choose wisely! If your business primarily targets or serves customers within a 60 mile radius of your geographic location, then you should answer yes. We’ll include special reports to focus your online marketing efforts on dominating the SERPs in your area.


Listing your address online will allow you to drive customers in so you can convert them in person. Similar to your official business name, we’ll use this address wherever possible to help you market your business online.

How do you make updates to your website?

Being able to make changes to your website is a critical component of good online marketing. We’ll need to know whether you can make changes yourself or whether you have a third party edit your site before we can customize your tasks.

What businesses are competitive to you? 

Give us some information about the businesses you compete with. We’ll analyze their web presence so we can help you capitalize on their strengths and flaws.

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