Note: This article will explain how to cancel a single campaign. For details on how to cancel your UpCity account completely, visit this article.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard we may try as SEOs, there will come a time when a client decides to cancel. The good news is, you can simply cancel that particular client's campaign without interfering with any of your other currently active campaigns.

The screenshot above shows the Manage Campaigns screen (you've likely already visited this screen before to switch campaigns!). Not only does this screen allow you to view or cancel all your currently active campaigns, it also allows you to view and reactivate any of your previously cancelled campaigns (see screenshot below).

Cancelling a Campaign

Cancelling a campaign is simple:

  1. Visit the Manage Campaigns screen

  2. Locate the campaign you'd like to cancel

  3. Under Campaign Status, click Cancel

  4. Click Cancel Site in the confirmation window that pops up

That's it! Check out the GIF below for more help.

Some platforms make it a hassle to cancel or deactivate campaigns, but we understand that SEO engagements are volatile. Let's face it: sometimes clients cancel. That's why we've made it as simple as possible to cancel a campaign...

Reactivating a Campaign

...and to reactivate that campaign if your client decides to return! When you cancel a campaign, it will get moved into the Canceled section of the Manage Campaigns screen. The moment you click Cancel Site in the confirmation pop-up, the platform immediately stops tracking your campaign. Any data that you had collected up until that point will be stored in the Canceled campaign and can be accessed by reactivating the campaign; however, the platform will not continue to gather new data while a campaign is canceled. 

Reactivating a campaign is just as easy as cancelling a campaign:

  1. Visit the Manage Campaigns screen

  2. Click Canceled to view your Canceled campaigns

  3. Locate the canceled campaign you'd like to reactivate

  4. Under Campaign Status, click Reactivate

  5. Click Reactivate Site in the confirmation window that pops up

Check out the GIF below for more help!

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