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This article will help you connect your social media profiles to the platform.

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Social media has become central to an effective overall online marketing campaign. By connecting your social profiles to the platform, you'll be able to find great content, compose posts for all your networks, and optimize your posting schedule for maximum reach and engagement with your audience.

This article will help you connect your social media profiles to the platform. Connecting a social profile is not a mandatory part of the campaign setup process; however, if you decide not to connect your profiles, you won't be able to take advantage our platforms comprehensive social media reports.

To begin, click the "Add/Reauth profile" button underneath your desired social network.


Twitter is the easiest social network to connect with the platform, since there are no user profiles and business pages to worry about. Once you click "Add/Reauth profile" button, you'll be redirected to login to Twitter. This will give the platform's social app access to your Twitter account so that you can compose, schedule, and monitor posts from within our platform. Voila! Your Twitter has been connected.


User Profile

Facebook makes the authorization process a bit more cumbersome. Click the "Add/Reauth profile" button will redirect you to login to your personal Facebook user profile. Facebook requires a user profile to be connected in order to access a business page, so unfortunately, there's no way to get around this obstacle.

If you are currently logged into your Facebook user profile (as in the screenshot above), you may click Continue. If you need to log into a different Facebook user profile, you may do so by clicking the "Log into another account" link. 

Once you log in, you will be prompted to authorize the platform's social app. Facebook allows you to provide granular permissions on a per-page basis. 

Note: It is absolutely CRUCIAL that you check the box for each page you would like to manage through the platform. Don't worry! This won't connect all of your pages to this campaign. Once you've successfully connected your user profile, you'll be able to choose which Facebook business page(s) to connect to this particular campaign.

Business Page
Now that you've connected your user profile, you can go ahead and connect your business page. Click the "Add pages" button and you will see your available business pages. Select the page(s) you would like to connect and you're finished!

LinkedIn and Tumblr

LinkedIn and Tumblr both follow a similar authentication process as Facebook. You will first need to connect a user profile, then add the pages (or blogs, in the case of Tumblr) you would like to connect.

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