An important part of any effective online marketing campaign is completion of local directory listings and citations. The location profile gives you a space to keep track of location-specific information to make keeping your citations accurate less of a hassle. While the location profile is not a mandatory part of the campaign setup process, it's certainly helpful to complete this section.

This article will guide you through completing the location profile for a new campaign.

Contact Information

The first section contains information about your business' main contact person. In addition, the "Registration Email" and "Registration Password" fields are for you to store your login information for your local directory listings.

Location Information

The location information contains your business' name, address, phone number, and domain. Note that if you would like to change the address for the location, you will need to navigate back to the Initial Setup section by clicking the available link.

Profile Information

The profile information gives you a place to store information that is commonly found on local directory listings. Keeping this information consistent across your listings will allow you to really focus your local search marketing efforts and hone in on your desired market.


The images section allows you to store your business logo and any other image files that should appear consistently across your listings.

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