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This article will help you understand the campaign dashboard so you can stay up to date on your campaign with just a glance.

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The campaign dashboard is your one-stop access point to your campaign's data. With information on your primary keyword ranking, Google index status, latest rank increases, task access, and more, the campaign dashboard should be your starting point each time you open the platform.

The first section gives you general info about your site. You'll find information about your site's Google/Bing/Yahoo! Index status, domain strength score, and the age of your domain in years. In addition, the campaign dashboard provides basic ranking information for your primary keyword on Google, Bing, & Yahoo! and gives you access to the full keyword ranking report in just one click. Information from the backlink analysis report is also displayed in this first section of the campaign dashboard along with a link the full report.

The Recent Alerts section will show you recent changes to your keyword rankings across the 3 major search engines. This gives you the ability to track your site's ranking growth daily without hassle.

The final section gives you an overview of your task completion. You can see the amount of open tasks left in a particular task section as well as a visual representation of your progress. (The screenshot below shows the campaign dashboard for a brand new campaign, so no tasks have been completed yet.)

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