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This article helps you understand the website audit report to help you find the technical flaws in your site.
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The Website Audit report is one of the newest additions to the platform and we're super excited to share it with you all! This report scans your website to help you find, track, and fix any technical SEO issues that might be negatively impacting your rankings.

The Website Audit report breaks down these issues into three categories

  1. Errors: These are the most pressing issues and should be fixed as soon as possible.

  2. Warnings: These are issues that definitely need to be fixed, but they aren't as immediately high priority as errors. 

  3. Notices: These are issues that should be fixed only after all other tasks have been completed. 

Your final score is based on the amount of errors, warnings, and notices that the report finds on your site. You'll see the amount of pages that were crawled, as well as numerical & graphical representations of your site's score.

The report allows you to view a breakdown of issues by type (eg. errors, warnings, & notices) or by page. 

Note: the basic functionality of the report remains the same whether you view the Issue Breakdown by Type or the Issue Breakdown by Page.

Issue Breakdown by Type

Clicking one of the issue types (in this case, Thin Pages) will open a new pop-up window that allows you to generate new tasks to fix this issues and assign them to team members. Simply select for which pages you would like to create tasks, select a team member, select a due date, and click Create Tasks.

Issue Breakdown by Page

The Issue Breakdown by Page allows you to view errors, warnings, and notices on each individual page. Selecting a page will open a new pop-up window, similar to the Issue Breakdown by Type.

This pop-up will allow you to generate tasks in the same way as the Issue Breakdown by Type.

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