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This article will guide you through using the activity summary report to monitor your task completions.

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The Activity Summary allows you to monitor task completion for your campaign and to visualize the impact that those tasks are having in terms of your site's overall optimization.

It's important to note that the activity summary can track Completed Tasks, Verified Tasks, or Both. For the purposes of this article, we'll be tracking Both.

The pie chart to the left displays the total amount of tasks completed for the campaign and will remain the same regardless of the date range you choose. This is based on the total number of tasks completed and does not factor in a date range.

The number of completed tasks and the number of impact points displayed to the right of the pie chart are also totals for the campaign as a whole and are not affected by the date. The smaller green numbers indicate the number of tasks completed during the chosen date range.

The Task History graphs gives you a glimpse at your task completion over time in the form of a bar graph for your total amount of impact points and a line graph for your total number of completed/verified tasks. 

The Task Detail section provides you with more in depth information about every task you've completed during your chosen date range. This is super useful when you're trying to track down a particular task to find out when it was completed and who completed it.

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