Using RSS Feeds to Find Content

This article will show you how to set up RSS feeds within the platform so you can easily find new content for social media.

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The Feeds section allows you to track your favorite RSS feeds and pull this content into your social media posts. By default, there are no feeds connected, so we'll need to start off by adding at least one. In the example below, I've added the Search Engine Land RSS feed, but you can find the feed links for your favorite sites/blogs using the Discover New RSS Feeds section.

Using the Discover section, you can browse popular RSS feeds and add them automatically to the platform or perform a search to find new and interesting sources of content.

Once you enter at least one feed, the platform will populate with the latest content. Hovering over any of the content will yield new options for commenting, quick-sharing to your desired social networks, or star and save the content for later.

Any content you star will be sent to the Starred Content section so that you can post it or access it later if you ever need it! 

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