Scheduling a Social Media Post

This article will explain the platform's scheduling tools and help you optimize your posting schedule for social media.

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Once you've composed your post, it's time to decide whether to add it to the queue, send it now, or schedule it for a specific time in the future. The default option is Add to Queue; however, you can change this by clicking the small Q icon directly to the left of Add to Queue.

This will open up a pop-up window giving you more options. The first option is whether or not you would like to send the post to the front or the back of the queue. The queue will publish your posts based upon a set schedule that you select.

If you prefer to publish the post right away, choose Send Now. That being said, we always recommend scheduling posts to optimize their reach and overall effectiveness!

The final scheduling option is Delayed Send. This option allows you to choose the exact calendar day and time for your post. This differs from Add to Queue in that Add to Queue follows your set posting schedule, whereas Delayed Send allows you to individually schedule a particular post outside of those set times.

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