Composing a Post for Social Media

This article will show you how to compose a post for social media using the platform.

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We've made it easy to compose a post for social media without ever having to leave the platform. To begin, you'll need to select the connected social network you would like to post to (your selected profile(s) will change color). In this example, we only have one Facebook page connected, so we've selected that.

You can then compose your post as you would on any social network. The platform will recognize any links you include in your post and will attach them accordingly. If you'd like to shorten your link and track its clicks, you can do so by turning Shorten Link and Track Link on before posting. If you'd prefer to use your own link shortener, you can choose URL Builder instead of Shorten Link.

To attach an image to your post, simply click Attach Image and either select the file from your computer, drag and drop the file, or enter the image URL. The platform will automatically attach the image for you.



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