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This article will help you add and remove users, change user permissions, and more so you can stay in control of your team.

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To manage your team, you'll first need to open the dropdown menu in the top right corner and select Manage Team.

You will be directed to a list of all your team members. Let's click Add New User so our team member Jack can use the platform.

The first section will ask you to fill out some basic information about the new user. You can also decide whether or not to send an invitation email.
โ€‹Note: You will note be able to change this user's password once you've completed the setup process. Only that user will be able to change their password.

Next, you can select whether this user should be a Campaign User or an Account User. Campaign Users only have access to particular assigned campaigns, whereas Account Users can view any campaign on the account. Let's choose Campaign User for now.

You can give Campaign Users access to the entire campaign (this is the default permission set) or you can restrict access to certain areas of the platform. This can come in hand when you want to restrict end-users from editing the setup section or the tasks (e.g. creating a login for one of your clients but only giving them access to view the reports).

If you choose Account User, you will also need to decide whether or not this user can be assigned tasks. This is helpful when you want to give a client access to the platform for reporting purposes, but don't want them to ever be assigned a task.

Account Users can make much more drastic changes than Campaign Users, so it's important to choose their permissions wisely.ย 


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