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This article will guide you through how to customize the look and feel of the platform to suit your needs.

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To customize the look and feel of the platform, visit the Manage Branding section via the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the platform.

The first step to customizing the platform is to add your logo. This will be included on any PDF reports that are exported from the platform. Our recommended logo size is 1,000px wide by 484px tall, but feel free to experiment!

Once you've uploaded your logo, you'll be directed to the Whitelabel Setup page. Check the box for Customize the Branding of Your Application and new options will appear.

If your plan allows you to whitelabel the platform, you can enter your desired subdomain in the first box. You can also adjust your product name, page title, and colors of the platform to control exactly what users see in their browser. The Support options give you the ability to provide Direct Email support to your users/team members or to integrate Helpscout with the platform for a more intensive help desk solution.

Next, you'll need to click Email Configuration to set up your whitelabeled email. If you do not set up this email any reports and other emails sent by the platform will be sent from

Once you've entered the required information and clicked Save, you should receive an email within 24 hours from a member of our development team with further instructions. 

The final step in customizing the branding of the platform is to set up your custom domain.

Completing this final step will require you to make some changes to your domain's DNS records. Each hosting provider has a different process for editing DNS records, so you'll have to check with your hosting provider/domain company for more information on how to change these records for your site.

Once you've completed these steps, you've successfully branded the platform to match your business!

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