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This article will help you manage and customize the tasks for your account.

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The Manage Tasks section, accessible via the dropdown menu in the top right of the platform, allows you to customize the tasks available for campaigns in your account. You can add new custom tasks, as well as edit existing task details.

If a task is no longer relevant, or information related to the task (e.g. a link in the how-to) is incorrect, please drop us a note at

The first section allows you to see all the tasks currently enabled for your account. We recommend using CTRL-F to find the task you're looking for.

Once you click Edit, you'll be able to edit many different parts of the task. Any changes you make are carried through across your entire account, so unfortunately, you can't customize tasks on a per-campaign basis.

You can also choose to edit the various task sections that are displayed in the Standard task view. 

You can choose to enable or disable entire sections, as well as reassign parent sections to create new sorting patterns.

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