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Using the Competitive Rank Snapshot (Sales Tool)
Using the Competitive Rank Snapshot (Sales Tool)

This article will explain how to use the competitive rank snapshot to show prospective leads how they fair against their competition.

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One of the hardest things to demonstrate to prospective leads is the importance of having a solid SEO strategy. We've found that a great way to sell prospective leads on the value of SEO is to show how they compare against three of their major competitors. The Competitive Rank Snapshot creates a quick (you guessed it) snapshot of how your prospect ranks across 20 keywords and compares this data with their competitors!

Running a New Competitive Rank Snapshot

Running a new Competitive Rank Snapshot is as easy as entering a few fields of information. You tell us your prospective client's URL, their competitors' URLs, what keywords you want us to track, and what search engine; we do the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Competitive Rank Snapshot provide localized rankings? Unfortunately, the current version of the Competitive Rank Snapshot does not provide localized rankings; however, to localize your results you may add a city modifier after each keyword.

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