One of the hardest things to demonstrate to prospective leads is the importance of having a solid SEO strategy. We've found that a great way to sell prospective leads on the value of SEO is to show how they compare against three of their major competitors. The Competitive Rank Snapshot creates a quick (you guessed it) snapshot of how your prospect ranks across 20 keywords and compares this data with their competitors!

Running a New Competitive Rank Snapshot

Running a new Competitive Rank Snapshot is as easy as entering a few fields of information. You tell us your prospective client's URL, their competitors' URLs, what keywords you want us to track, and what search engine; we do the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Competitive Rank Snapshot provide localized rankings? Unfortunately, the current version of the Competitive Rank Snapshot does not provide localized rankings; however, to localize your results you may add a city modifier after each keyword.

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